When you receive the previews of your work in progress, there will be a Timecode Window in the lower right as shown here:

Using the Timecode Window

When you review your video, the timecode is how we both reference the same position within the video.  In this example, this is frame 10, 7-minutes and 36-seconds into the video.  You don't need to be as precise as the frame number, just give us general notes about the edit that we've done.

You can use any video viewer you have available, but our preference is the free, open source viewer "VideoLAN".  (You can download it here).  While viewing your video in VideoLAN, you can simply hit the space bar to pause or resume playback.
1) Review your Video
2) Take Notes
As you watch the preview of your video, take notes (referencing the timecode).  You may see details about your product or service that you want to bring to the attention of the editor.  For example: "From 7:35 to 7:45 - can you make this slow-motion?"  Or "7:55 to 9:05 is really redundant, let's cut it out".

The editor will take your notes and apply them to the project.  Your notes are exactly what the editor would write down if you were in the editing suite looking over the editor's shoulder.  (You can do that, but you will be invoiced for the editors' additional time while you are supervising the edit session).

Send us your notes by eMail and we will put your project back into the queue for completion.

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