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ADR or Additional Dialogue Recording is a technique involving the re-recording of dialogue after videography, also known as "looping" or a looping session.

In conventional production, a sound mixer records dialogue during videography, but uncontrollable issues, such as traffic or background noise, can cause the production sound to be unusable.

During an ADR session, the orginal on-screen talent is called to a sound studio equipped with video playback equipment and sound playback and recording equipment.  The talent wears headphones and is shown the video that must be replaced, and the production sound recording will be played in the headphones while the talent re-records (or lip-syncs) the dialogue.  Several takes are made, and based on the quality of the performance and sync, one is selected and edited for use in the project.

Voiceover, Narration and Background Music:


On-Location Recording

Foreign Language sound tracks:

A professional voice narrating your video and the appropriate music background  can add a dimension of quality to your video.  We can tap into a network of a variety of narrators, male and female and our library of music tracks which we own the copyright.  ManMade Digital Video can customize your production with a soundtrack that will make your video come alive.
ADR can also be used to create Foreign Language sound tracks for multi-lingual DVDs
If you have a requirement for on-location recording, we can bring our multi-track equipment to your location.

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