Product Shots
Prices vary given the type of object you want photographed (a stainless steel object is far more time consuming to light than black shoes) and the quantity.  For just a few products the price may be as high as $35 to $40 per product.  However, the price decreases significantly when the number of similar products increases.  An accurate quote can only be given once more is known about the job but you can expect the price range to be from $16 to $30 per product (the average job comes in around $25 per product).

White background product shots are the most versatile images and thus most economical. They're absolutely essential for the web but also best for print catalogs and tearsheets.

What you get: Product shots are delivered onnline or on a data CD or DVD.  Each image on the disk will be saved as both a high-resolution image for printing and a lower resolution image file for web and email use.

A product shot is a well lit photo of a product, shot on a plain background (usually white).
There are little or no accompanying props involved in a product shot.

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