Green Screen Benefits

When you are developing a concept for a video, one idea you might consider is using a green screen. A green screen is a technique that will allow you to virtually create any location you want, without the high cost of actually going there. You can have your video set in Hawaii, while you’re in New England. You can have less realistic backgrounds, such as the plain white or computer screen seen in many commercials. A green screen can also help with the quality of sound, by allowing you to separate the sound of the talent from the sound of the background. It is a cost effective way of creating special effects, which will make your video very effective.

A common misconception about green screens is that the effect looks cheap if it is not done by a big studio. However, a small studio can achieve the same effect. The process of creating this effect is simple. A scene is filmed in front of a screen that is a specific shade of green and in editing this green can be replaced with any image desired. Be careful not to wear green during this, or you’ll look like a floating head! This does not require a large budget or studio. All that is needed is the screen and editing.

Another misconception is that a green screen effect is expensive. It is an extra cost if you want to add the effect to your video, but it is not too costly. The average is around $200 extra for using a green screen. This is because there is extra lighting and editing involved in making the effect work. In fact, a green screen can save you money, because it can reduce costs for location and time. The screen replaces a costly location, and can also save time by reducing delays that filming on location could bring. There is no waiting for weather or availability. The cost of using a green screen is worth the quality of the effect and the time it will save.
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