Having a video on your website will increase your siteís search ranking

So, you have a small business. You know that you have a good product or service, and now you need customers for it. No matter how many customers you already have, there are ways to get more. One of those ways is a video on your website. A video can get the attention of potential customers, introduce them to your company, and will lead to an increase in customers for you.

If you have a video on your website, it is likely the first thing your visitors will see. Videos grab attention. People are willing to watch the entirety of a video, whereas they may skim over written information on the website. There have been reports suggesting that on average, website visitors spend four times longer on sites with information in videos versus sites with information in text only. Your video does not need to be flashy or loud to catch attention. It can be as simple as you like and still present information about your company in a way that will attract potential customers.

Your video is a concise way to showcase your company. Text allows you to tell your customers about the benefits of your product or service, while a video will allow you to show the same information to the customers. An image of your product in action or a satisfied client will stay in a potential customerís head longer than dry words.

Your video can also give a personal feel to your company. Itís your chance to speak directly with potential clients, and let them get to know you and what youíre doing. By adding this personal touch, people will feel more comfortable with your company. This will go a long way to build trust between you and your clients. This personal rapport that is created between you and the potential customer will help persuade him to choose you instead of your competition.

In addition to the immediate benefit, having a video on your website will increase your siteís search rankings. The presence of a video on a website will boost that siteís search ranking in many different search engines, including Google. You can also have your video as an advertisement on video hosting and social networking sites. This video will be a great benefit to your company.

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