Here's how it works.  You send the camera file to us and we trim the unusable footage, add a timecode window for reference then post the timecoded video online for you to review.  You then provide your notes about what scenes are important to your message, and what is superfluous, then we edit the video from those notes.  After reviewing the finished video you may use your one free revision to request changes.  Further revision edits are $75 each.  When you are happy with the finished product you use PayPal or check to pay the balance of the invoice, then we send you a link to download the finished file.  We can optionally upload it for you and make sure the description, keywords and title are search engine friendly.
Here are some shooting tips to help us edit your final production
You Shoot - We Edit
We will take your camera footage that you shoot, and edit it into a web video ready for YouTube or other video hosting service.  The price includes one free revision on your part (of course we will fix any errors we make for free).
Here's what we offer in the You Shoot - We Edit product packages
"I spent 15 years in vdeo production, and produced hundreds of online videos and DVD projects.  I have developed a high level of knowledge and experience with video production, but I believe it's important to evolve and offer a solution to those that want to leverage video marketing but don't have the budget to support big productions. From my viewpoint, to see it any other way is to deny reality."  Steve Mann
Here are some tips on using the Timecode Window on your video preview
Packages Starting at  $295
If you or an employee have a digital video camera and feel comfortable shooting your own project, we offer our professional editing services to save you money while producing a quality video to get the results you want.
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Shooting Tips
Reviewing your Proof
Advanced video options, like a professional voice-over, animation, script writing and green screen effects can be added.

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We operate on the principle that Professional Video Production should be affordable and easily accessible to small and medium sized businesses and non-profit organizations.

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